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About The Purple Vote

The Purple VoteWhat is the Purple Vote? We are neither red nor blue… We vote for country not party… We are the Purple Vote.

This is a non-partisan website. This website is not a government agency. We do not represent any particular political parties, political affiliations, or political organizations. ‘The Purple Vote’ is a website where a person can get voting or politics information. At the very least, you’ll be linked to where you’ll have a good chance of finding the information you’re looking for. Do you need to know where a particular candidate running for public office stands on a certain issue? Are you looking for answers to questions like “am I eligible to vote?” Do you know where your political party of choice stands on ALL the issues? We’re only looking to point you in the right direction.

Many times there are barriers to overcome with regards to information in today’s world. Finding out what the facts are on issues and where to get the right information is sometimes clouded by various elements. Lack of information OR an abundance of misinformation should not impede a person from exercising their inherent right as a United States citizen to vote nor should it impede them from finding out the facts about the issues they care about. ‘The Purple Vote‘ website was created to help alleviate that barrier so that a person may learn their voting rights and get the information they need without an agenda driven motivation from the source. Your vote is your position and your voice. You should educate yourself on the issues you care about and make your vote an educated one.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself red, blue, left, right, democrat, republican, moderate, conservative, liberal, or independent… you are welcome here. However; we prefer to call ourselves ‘the Purple Vote’.

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